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Leirvik Legekontor, Stord. 

Bitta er invitert til Etne som hovudutstillar under Etnemarknaden 2018.

Kunstrelatert utdanning.

-Kunst reise, New Orleans, USA. Februar-April 2017.

-Start of  Bachelor, Academy of Art University, San Francisco. Januar-Juni 2016

-Studentopplæring med Jan Terje Rafdal. Januar 2016 -idag.

-Studentopplæring med Eser Afacan, Juli, 2015.

-Teknikk i etsing med Jan Terje Rafdal. September 2014.

-Malekurs med Jan-Ove Tuv, September, 2014.

-Malekurs med Jan-Ove Tuv, April, 2014.

-Malekurs med Jan-Ove Tuv, April 2013.

-MI, Stavanger, interiør designer, 2001-2003.


-Etne. August 2018. Hovudutstillar, Etnemarknad. 

-Odda. November 2017. Sentralbadet, Smelteverket.

-Stord, Noreg. November 2017. Gruppeutstilling.

-Etne, Noreg. August 2017. Galleri Fugl Fønix.

-Stord, Noreg. November 2015. Gruppeutstilling.

-Stord, Noreg. August 2015. Separatutstilling.

-Bømlo, Noreg. Juni 2015. Gruppeutstilling.

-Stord, Noreg. Mai 2015. Gruppeutstilling.

-Spania. Oktober 2014. Gruppeutstilling.

-Launceston, UK. August 2014. Gruppeutstilling. 

-Stord, Noreg. Desember 2013. Separatutstilling.

-Stord, Noreg. 2013 Gruppeutstilling .

-Stord, Noreg. November. 2011 Gruppeutstilling.


Hovudutstillar i Etne 2018:

Soloutstilling i Odda 2017: 

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I am a Norwegian artist, living on the west coast of Norway. I started my Bachelor Fine Art studies at university of Art Academy San Francisco, but decided to continue my apprenticeship at Fønix Gallery with the Norwegian artist Jan Terje Rafdal.
I have been fortunate to have met an to have worked with talented artists, both foreign and domestic. They have shared knowledge with me and given their expertise. 

I started out exclusively as a figurative painter, and as I have evolved I have tried multiple forms within the art world. I enjoy mixing different medias and create the best for the project I have in mind.  I currently use acrylic paint and spray paint,  and sometimes oil and cracking varnish.

I find projects in various compositions with the man made bridges in contrast with  creations made in nature very interesting. The bridges allow people and society communicate and overcome obstacles. Bridges may represent struggles and are symbol of hope. A hope that you may find yourself in a better place on the other side.

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